Training Need Analysis (TNA)

Our Training Need Analysis Unlocks Customized Learning Pathways.

Psyche Panacea has helped numerous numerous organisations in training needs assessment. The glimpse of TNA along with a suggested timeline:

1. Pre-Assessment Phase (2 weeks):

  • Define the objectives and scope of the training needs assessment.
  • Identify key stakeholders and involve them in the process.
  • Develop a questionnaire or survey to gather information from the employees.
  • Create a communication plan to inform employees about the assessment.

2. Data Collection Phase (2 weeks):

  •  Distribute the questionnaire or survey to target employees.
  • Collect and analyze the responses to identify common training needs and areas for improvement.
  • Conduct interviews or focus groups with a sample of employees to gather more in-depth information.

3. Analysis and Reporting Phase (2 -3weeks):

  • Analyze the collected data to identify the most critical training needs.
  • Prepare a comprehensive report summarizing the findings and recommendations.
  • Present the report to the key stakeholders for review and feedback.

4. Training Plan Development Phase (2 weeks):

  • Based on the assessment findings, develop a training plan that addresses the identified needs.
  • Determine the appropriate training methods, resources, and timeline for each training program.
  • Seek approval from management for the proposed training plan.

5. Implementation Phase (ongoing):

  • Execute the training plan, ensuring that each employee receives the necessary training.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the training programs.
  • Make adjustments as needed to ensure maximum impact.

Overall Timeline: Approximately 8-14 weeks

  • Please note that this timeline is just a suggestion and can be adjusted based on your specific requirements and resources..

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