Train the Internal Trainer

With over 300 trainers PAN India, Psyche Panacea’s Train the Internal Trainer program is one of our most popular programs.

Psyche Panacea offers the most comprehensive Train the Internal Trainer Course in India led by the renowned life coach and corporate trainer, Vikas Vats. Mr. Vats has been conducting corporate training for more than a decade and has earned various accolades to his name. Through Train the Internal Trainer program, he has trained and certified more than a 100 corporate trainers in India. With a training period of 6 months, this course efficiently prepares you to become a world class corporate trainer.

Train the Internal Trainer is Psyche Panacea’s most successful training program. We have trained more than 300 trainers PAN India in one month- Jan’17. Through the length of your course, you will be required to undergo 960 hours of the program, while performing, recording and analysing the tasks provided. Upon completion of all these tasks, you will be provided with certificate approved by the HR Association, India.