OutBound Training (OBT)

Empowering growth through experiential learning beyond the confines of comfort

Outbound trainings are experiential learning programs that take place outside of traditional classroom settings, typically in natural or adventure-based environments, and are designed to promote teamwork, leadership, communication, and other soft skills through various outdoor activities and challenges.

Outbound trainings offer several benefits, including improved teamwork and collaboration, enhanced communication skills, increased confidence and self-awareness, better problem-solving abilities, strengthened leadership and decision-making skills, and a greater sense of motivation and engagement among participants. These trainings can also help to build trust and create a positive work culture, leading to improved productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Outbound training is a great way to build team cohesion and develop essential teamwork skills. One effective approach to outbound training is to plan a series of off-site activities such as ropes courses, orienteering challenges, and team-building exercises that emphasize communication and problem-solving. These types of activities can help team members learn to work together more efficiently, developing a better understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s also beneficial to debrief after each activity to discuss what was learned and how team members can apply these lessons to their work.

Psyche Panacea has been organizing OBTs for PAN India Corporate, since 2004. We have trained and taken Lakhs of New Joinees: GETs/ DETs/ MTs, CFTs, Managers, HODs, BUHs,  Union Members/ Employee’s Township students to places like Panchgani, Chandipur, Bubhneshwar, Lonavala, Khandala, Jim Corbett, Nanital, Ranikhet, Kausani, Kausali, Chail, Dhanulti, Mussorie, Solan, Shoghi, Nalagarh, Garh Mukteshwar etc.. Our Result Oriented Trainings are known for Designing Strategic OBTs via Experiential Rope based/Strategic & Challenging Group Activities. Briefing and Debriefing of each Activity is thoughtfully designed to deliver the Expected Outcomes from OBT.

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