Parenting skills


Parenting Skills


Parenting skills is one of Psyche Panacea’s Flagship Programs. We recognize the importance of parenting in a child’s development, both socially and psychologically. Unfortunately in India, this skill is often undervalued and most of parenting is learned by default and not by design.

Our Parenting Skills program not only helps parents adopt a scientific result oriented approach in their parenting but also create a great future for their children. At Psyche Panacea, we recognize how imperative the development of Master Skills are in children and therefore we have created a specialized program that trains parents on how to inculcate and infuse these master skills in their children. Master Skills are the operating system of the mind, once installed properly, new skills, like programs or apps, can be installed at will!

The Master Skills would empower the children with the ability to act, perform, sustain and achieve in the various aspects of their life. We help the parents to make their children develop these important master skills and help children be ready to achieve whatever they want in their life.